Watch the first episode of HBO's Silicon Valley on YouTube

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Chris Velazco
April 7, 2014 2:09 PM

Depending on who you listen to, Silicon Valley is either a utopia dedicated to ceaseless innovation and disruption... or a place where self-absorbed nouveau riche techies throw ostentatious parties and drive up housing prices. The real nature of the valley is hard enough to suss out even if you live there, but Mike Judge's Silicon Valley paints a not-too-parodic picture of the new wild west for the rest of us to dissect. Don't have HBO (or a friends HBO Go credentials)? Never fear: The first episode is now available on YouTube. Judge sets everything into motion pretty slowly, but there's plenty there for startup nerds to latch on to: There's an incubator run out of some dude's house, an abundance of pale coders (some with questionable facial hair) and the ticking drama-bomb of a startup eschewing big money from an established company in favor of going alone.

As thanks for clicking through to the full post, here's a deleted scene:

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