eBay attempts to lure back UK users with 20 free listings a month

Matt Brian
M. Brian|04.10.14

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Amazon might now be the defacto marketplace to buy and sell goods online in the UK, but eBay believes its "good surprise" might just lure customers back into the world of online auctions. In a bid to make things things a little easier for users to understand, eBay says that from May 13th it'll allow UK users to list up to 20 items every month completely free of charge. Listings can include any item, as long as it's not a car, and eBay continues to retain its 10 percent selling and postage fee. The company offers a similar system in the US, allowing sellers to make 50 free listings every month. With consumers now turning to Amazon to get their electrical goods, online media and groceries, eBay may be forced to expand its incentives if it wants more "A++++ seller, would buy again" reviews on its site.

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