Find Tinder too ambiguous? Heavenly Sinful is here to help.

People use apps like Tinder presumably to find love, whether just for one night or forever. The problem is, you never know a user's motives until you've met up. Your date goes wonderfully, laughs are had, hands are held, smooches are exchanged, and (redacted: this is a family website). A lovely time is had, but when you go to call for a rematch there's no response on the other line. What if there was a way to know if someone is just online for a hookup and not a lifelong love connection? Thanks to Heavenly Sinful, there is.

Much like its rival Tinder, Heavenly Sinful allows you to search for singles in your area with one major difference. When you activate the app if asks you to either swipe up for Heavenly or down for Sinful. Heavenly users are looking for a more serious relationship, perhaps the kind of person who wants breakfast in the morning. Sinful swipers are folks who have less emotionally-invested interests in mind.

Once you've made up your mind, the app will match you with nearby singles who you can chat and presumably hookup with. In-app purchases have now even made their way into your dating apps -- Heavenly Sinful allows you to send video messages to other users in exchange for credits, priced 100 for $0.99 or 1000 for $4.99. Sure, you could always exchange Skype information, but that's private information. Here's one situation where I understand the benefit of in-app purchases.

Modern dating is already a difficult minefield of ambiguous motives. At bare minimum, this app may help some users get the difficult "are you looking for more than a night of fun" conversation out of the way without every having to actually have it. The only drawback we can see is that by creating a status quo for "Sinful" folks who just want to hook up. the "Heavenly" side of the dating sphere might be underserved. Still, if the subtle complexities of navigating Tinder's emotional landscape are too difficult for you, Heavenly Sinful may just help you cut out the hard part and get to the point.