WoW Moviewatch: The Cursed Ones

Michael Gray
M. Gray|05.01.14

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WoW Moviewatch: The Cursed Ones
WoW Moviewatch: The Cursed Ones
Nan the Mistweaver created The Cursed Ones as a pride movie for the Gilnean werewolves of WoW. Worgen were in tons of machinima when they were first released, but steadily declined in coverage ever since. This video is decent, as far as such things go, and it does a decent job of grabbing a WoW community and getting them some screen time. But I felt like it moved a little slow, and could have had more to say.

The song is so melancholy and angst ridden it's ready to become an English major and write poetry on real paper. The contrast felt a bit out of control to me. It's odd to say "the lighting needed work," but it did. Still, I liked the video, and I'm pretty sure it's not just my addiction to top hats. It's always nice to see a new release from Nan, and The Cursed Ones still brings plenty of fun.
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