LG's SMS-activated smart appliances are ready to wsh ur shrts

If you're rich and lonely, LG is now rolling out the SMS-controlled smart appliances it previewed earlier this year. You can send commands "much like chatting with a friend" to the Smart Refrigerator, Washing Machine and Lightwave Oven using the LINE messaging app and LG's WiFi-based HomeChat system. For example, text "what are you doing?" to the washing machine, and you'll get a real-time response on its progress (hopefully not "I'm flooding the basement"). The Smart Oven will provide recipe recommendations and set the temperature and cooking time for your chosen dish. Finally, the Smart Refrigerator's built-in wide-angle camera will track your food habits and generate shopping lists automatically, to name a few examples. They're now available in Korea, but will also arrive to the US and elsewhere soon. LG hasn't listed prices yet, but if you've never shopped for smart appliances before, brace yourself.