Adventures of Pip takes you from single pixel to dashing hero

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It seems like gorgeous, pixel art, side-scrolling actions games are just raining from the heavens these days. Adventures of Pip is the latest to join the party, adding a fun twist to the typical pixel art formula: An evil queen has stolen all of the kingdom's pixels, reducing all of its citizens to single pixels, "the lowest rung of the social ladder," according to developer TicToc Games.

Players take on the role of Pip, who goes on a quest to defeat the queen and retrieve the pixels. Starting out as a single, massive pixel, Pip wanders the land, defeating enemies and absorbing their pixels along the way. As Pip gains more experience, he evolves into more advanced forms, from an Atari-esque block figure to a hero that might have been pulled from a Super Nintendo RPG, each with new abilities like dashing and double jumping. And all of it is adorable.

Adventures of Pip is planned for PC, Mac, Xbox One and Wii U, with Linux and PSN versions possible if the project exceeds its funding goal on Kickstarter.
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