Square Register for iOS updated to accept offline payments

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John-Michael Bond
May 15th, 2014
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Square Register for iOS updated to accept offline payments

If you've ever used a Square reader for a yard sale or to sell your services, you'll know just how easy it makes your life. When it was working, that is -- when you've got a crappy signal and no Wi-Fi the app becomes basically useless, leaving you to ask customers to wait, or lose a sale. At last this problem has becoming a thing of the past; Square has added a brand new offline mode to the app.

Now when your iOS device has lost its internet connectivity, the app is still able to accept payments. This is both good and bad news for sellers. You are responsible for any expired or declined transactions that happen offline, or any chargebacks that may result. Square recommends that users verify the name of the cardholder and the expiration date of the card to make sure the card is active before swiping.

Once an offline sale is made, you have 72 hours to upload your transactions by re-connecting your device to the Internet. It's also possible to set a price limit for offline card transactions. By default the limit is automatically set to $100 when offline mode is enabled. All offline payments are shown in your pending sales history.

You can find the Square Register app for free in the iTunes store.

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