Amazon rewinds to 1994 to remind you how good music was back then

Jeff Bezos must be an Oasis fan, because Amazon UK has gone all retro to mark the 20th anniversary of the band's iconic Definitely Maybe debut album. If you pop on over to Amazon's Music section right now, you'll see what the company thinks its store might have looked like back in the mid-nineties. Three Oasis videos are available in the Amazon Artist Lounge, including live performances of Digsy's Dinner and Live Forever, which are also available as free music downloads. To keep things authentic, Amazon features the exact album chart from May 16th 1994 as well as "new and future releases" from the Manics, Pulp and The Prodigy. If it's got you feeling nostalgic, then why not crack out that old Weezer CD and celebrate the very best nineties music had to offer, dodgy graphics and all.