Uniqlo's new smartphone app lets you design (and buy) your own tees

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Mat Smith
May 22, 2014 10:12 PM
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Uniqlo's new smartphone app lets you design (and buy) your own tees

Uniqlo is offering customers in its homeland the option to make their own T-shirts through their smartphones. The UTme! app is on both Android and iOS, and lets you craft your own T-shirts with photos, text or (relatively simple) drawings. Naturally, there are some provisos and it's the usual mix of copyright avoidance, but it goes beyond just images to encompass music artists' names and even famous quotes -- which seems a little excessive. If you upload them, your designs are also Uniqlo's property, another point users should be aware of. Alongside the usual cropping tools, it also pulls in movement sensors for Android devices and iPhones, and you can shake up your own photo or design with mosaic and glitch effects to spice up any lackluster designs. Once it's uploaded, you can buy your design for roughly $20 (1,990 yen) -- although you'll have to move across the Pacific to order 'em, at least for now.

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