Dell's new Inspiron 20 is a giant tablet for work and play

Sarah Silbert
S. Silbert|06.02.14

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Dell's new Inspiron 20 is a giant tablet for work and play

Dell's new all-in-one is a sleek option that can travel with you from room to room. Starting at $450 (or $350 without touch), the Inspiron 20 (3000 Series) is by no means a high-end product, but its thin design and adjustable stand make it attractive as a family PC for group movie-watching sessions and the like.

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Thanks to a 19.5-inch HD display and an integrated subwoofer, the Inspiron 20's main draw is media, but Dell also envisions the all-in-one as a work PC -- since it's relatively portable, a child can take it upstairs to get some homework done, for example. As far as other specs go, the company's remained mum.

The design also folds flat, so you can use it as a giant tablet if you so choose -- though you might prefer to rest the device on a table as opposed to in your lap (it's light, but not that light). The Inspiron 20's will soon be available in select countries, so check Dell's website for more info.

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Update: The Dell Inspiron 20 is not a battery-powered all-in-one, as previously stated. The XPS 18 all-in-one, on the other hand, is.

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Dell's new Inspiron 20 is a giant tablet for work and play