Feedback Loop: Discussing E3, Nintendo, live streaming and more!

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Feedback Loop: Discussing E3, Nintendo, live streaming and more!

This week's edition of Feedback Loop is packed with gaming goodness. We discuss all the E3 things, analyze Nintendo's upcoming titles, share the worst games we've ever played and find out if watching feeds of other people gaming is any fun. You'll find all this and more in our fabulous forums after the break.

Share your thoughts on E3!

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo all announced a slew of new games this week. Whether you've got a next-gen console or not, there's plenty of eye candy for everyone. Head over here and let us know which are the must-haves for your collection.

Breaking down Nintendo's new games

We love Mario... and Link. There, we said it. And that's why we loved Nintendo's announcements at this year's E3. Open-world Zelda game? Check. Designing your own Super Mario Bros. levels in Mario Maker? Check. Head to the forums to share in our collective joy? Check.

What is the worst game you've ever played?

Some people consider the Atari game E.T. to be among the worst video games of all time. With all the E3 news going on this week, playcrazy thought it would be a perfect time to talk about the most awful games that we've ever played. Go ahead, tell us yours. Do your worst.

Do you watch live streams of games?

Live streaming is the future, right? Twitch is all over next-gen (at least according to Microsoft and Sony). Kris ponders Nintendo's streaming aversion and why people enjoy watching other people play games. Which kind of person are you?

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