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by baagansmith

[FREE] Fighter Fish - A New Action Game For iPhone On The App Store
Hi Friends ,
Fighter Fish is a new action and adventure game released for iPhone on the App Store.
Fighter Fish is a exciting game with interesting levels.The gameplay is simple , fun and addictive .There are many breathtaking levels with unbelievable theme effects.
The game is Free For download .Get the game and enjoy.Please mention reviews and rating on the game.
Download Link For Fighter Fish For iPhone on the App Store:
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by chuckkahn

TS-219P II
is the model I actually have -- what's the difference and how do I add it to engadget?
Google Android Wear

by abdullahalbyati

Wear Mini Launcher makes it easier to use Android wear
Google’s new OS for Android Wear looks good and there have been a lot of changes done to the UI as well
compared to what custom Android Wear OS used to provide on smart watches like pebble,
but the operating system is not user friendly yet as just to access third party apps installed on Android wear devices,
users have to go through a lot of menus just to get there which can be really frustrating at times
Users have been complaining about this problem and even though Google might be working on it,... Read more →
Apple iPhone 5

by mutludent

not entered into the iPhone from the website
WordPress code canyon stretch has gallery on our website. but input from the iPhone unavailable. Does anybody speak. http://www.mutludent.com

by johncolucci

The perils of crowdfunding
Contributor JC Fletcher breaks down the world of crowdfunding in "What you need to know about Kickstarter, Indiegogo and the concept of crowdfunding." (http://aol.it/1jjLpMF)
We planned to run this article this week anyway, but coincidentally, you might've heard about one man's desire to make potato salad (http://aol.it/1qrUEZW). Zack Danger Brown has become a bit of a celebrity, turning what was a small goal to make the famous side dish into a... Read more →
Canonical Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander)

by baileylo

Programming Laptop Suggestions
I was thinking of purchasing laptop to do some web programming. I've been using Apple for the last decade but I'm not sure I want to spend that much money. I'm unfamiliar with the quality of windows PC manufacturers. If I do purchase a PC, I'd wipe it an install Ubunutu.
Mostly used for PHP, HTML, JS development, possibly some systems level code.
  • I do use an IDE and Firefox so memory is important
  • I like to work offline
  • I don't use Vagrant all that often, so I probably don't need to be worried...
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    by kris

    Tech-themed vacations for gadget lovers?
    Earlier this week one of our superusers, Travis "TgD" Dilts (who you should totally follow, as he is awesome) mentioned he was going to be in San Francisco on business, and he asked what he should check out while he was there: http://www.engadget.com/discuss/making-the-most-of-a-business-trip-to-san-francisco-1ruw/
    Suspecting that Travis was you know, probably interested in tech since he's on this site, I suggested the Musée... Read more →