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Google Android 4.4 (KitKat)

by kingchum

How to view the WiFi password on the phone
My phone I have already connected the WiFi, but last night I forgot my password

by contentrifi

Do we even need wireless carriers?
With all the messaging apps out there, VOIP and cloud phone services; what's stopping us from just going with something like Line2 or other competitors?

by kris

Silicon Valley 2x02: "It's sexist but it's about friendship"
2x02: "Runaway Devaluation"
This week's episode is almost entirely fallout from Gavin Belson's decision to sue Pied Piper, arguing all the usual -- that Richard stole it from Hooli, because he either developed it on company time or because it was connected to work he did there or because he "stole" employees. None of these really matter, as the suit itself is just a stalling tactic to tie up Pied Piper while Hooli gets its own compression product off the ground. It... Read more →
Apple iPhone 6

by aldiyarnugmanov

Transfer data from iPhone 6 to Galaxy S6?
Hello, guys - finally bought my Galaxy S6 and loving everything about it so far!

But, I still have to carry my iPhone with me because I do not know how to easily transfer all of my information, photos, etc. from the iPhone 6 to the new S6.

Can anyone help?
Neptune Duo

by EnlightenedShad

Potential Wireless Providers
Do you think wireless providers such as Verizon would be ready to jump on board with something like this? We have seen them adopting "oddball" gadgets such as children's communications wearables as of late...

by Cutie

Is there a way to block Joystiq articles?
Ever since Engadget absorbed Joystiq I've been seeing a bunch of gaming articles I couldn't care less about. I know there used to be a way for people to block Apple related articles way back when, is there something similar to block the Joystiq articles? Thanks in advance!
Soundfreaq Sound Rise

by mike1087

It's probably great if they ever ship it
I bet the Sound Rise is awesome, but I'll never know because they didn't bother to ship mine. Their service is absolutely HORRIBLE. I ordered something and they marked it as fulfilled without shipping it, offered a 20% discount, reneged on the discount, and now won't respond to my emails to cancel the order. I had to dispute the charge through my bank.
Sony PlayStation TV (Vita TV)

by DanCooper

How would you change Sony’s PlayStation Vita TV?
It’s a PlayStation Vita that you can connect to your TV, but that doesn’t mean you should automatically go out and buy one. When we reviewed the hardware last year, we found that the low price and ability to play retro games were great, but the media streaming let the side down. That said, it was a much better crafted piece of hardware than some Android-powered consoles our reviewer could have... Read more →

by jreurin

Have you done a course to develop games?
I want to know opinion of people about the courses for develop games and if it is hard the job of game developer. I'm thinking on doing this course http://www.euroinnova.edu.es/Tecnico-Desarrollo-Vi... , what do you think about it?