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by uscardcode

What is the best free voip applications on iPhone
Hi all
You don't mind if i ask you please show me which one is best free voip application on iPhone exclusive Viber
Because when i use viber app it is always disconnection after 5 minutes
Please help me
Thanks all

by bilusaed

Killing someone in a game?
Do you feel remorse over killing someone in a game?
Microsoft Surface Pro 3

by pineapplerox

Poor SP3 design and support
The idea of the SP3 was great.

But was let down by the poor make. The magnet glued on to the flipstand easily comes out after normal usage (SP3 uses A LOT OF GLUE to stick the parts together, which isn't very strong).

As it was under warranty, I went to Microsoft for assistance. They were polite and fast in their response, but wanted me to pay $500 just to glue back the magnet.

Talk about money-minded Microsoft :(

by IntrepidChuck

Wish list: NVIDIA Tegra X1 powered convertable running Windows 10
As the title states, I would love to see a Windows 10 laptop that folds back into a tablet, rocking the NVIDIA Tetra X1 chip. It would mean a higher battery life, gaming possibilities, and a smaller footprint. It already supports Direct X 12, so theoretically you should be able to stream games from the Xbox One when that feature is released. All I would want on it is a 1900x1080 screen, wireless N, and a 250Gb SSD to help keep cost down. Possibly with a few USB 3.1 ports? What do you guys think?

by iphonedeveloper

Which app do you use for payment?
- Pay Pal

- Apple Pay

- Google Wallet

- Any Other
Razer Hammerhead

by KonTiKi

Need help with earbuds.

I wanted to ask, what is the best earbuds for listening music. I've red some reviews of Razer Hammerhead but their mid and high's are somewhat taken over by bass. So, is there any better earbuds, who are balanced? Price range 50-100$, but can go bit higher if they're better.
Google Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)

by kris

What new hardware do you wish Google had announced today?
Google I/O has begun and Android M was officially announced, but we haven't heard about any new hardware to go with it. Sure, Google announced there's a new version of Cardboard ( for larger phones, but we haven't seen... Read more →
Apple iPhone 5s

by CarlaofMINI

How to Display Embedded Tables on an iPhone?
Hello, we have many, many viewers reading data tables on their iPhone 5s (some have 6s) but the data is truncated and hard to view. Can any of you tell us a proper fix for this?

Outside of upgrading the team to iPads or 6s any advice is welcome.

MINI thanks!