Samsung hints that its next Galaxy Note phone will have a quad HD display

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 checking out YouTube

It's no surprise that Samsung would make a new Galaxy Note smartphone given the series' very healthy sales, but just how is the company going to improve on the design of the Note 3? By giving it a quad HD screen, apparently. The company has posted a web profile for an unannounced SM-N910A (the Note 3 for AT&T is the SM-N900A) that includes a 2,560 x 1,440 display, hinting that the future Galaxy Note will pack visuals roughly as sharp as LG's G3. It also backs what we've heard about Oculus VR getting greater-than-1080p OLED screens from the Korean tech firm. There aren't any other big clues in the profile, but they come on the heels of import data that suggests the next Note will maintain the same 5.7-inch screen size as its predecessor -- Samsung may be resisting the urge to produce a truly gigantic phone like the G Pro 2 or Lumia 1520.

As for what's behind that new panel? That's tougher to prove. SamMobile claims that the new Note will be powered by a speedier Snapdragon 805 or Exynos 5433 processor (depending on the market) and ship with a newly stabilized 16-megapixel camera. Those make sense when Galaxy Notes are historically more powerful than the Galaxy S models they follow, but nothing's set in concrete -- we wouldn't rule out a surprise or two. If the profile is accurate, though, fans of Samsung's larger handsets have at least a visual upgrade to look forward to this year.

Samsung SM-N910A web profile