Pokemon Center online store opens in August

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Pokemon Center online store opens in August
American Poke-fans can indulge themselves through a new online Pokemon Center, which is slated for a grand opening on August 6. Like the Poke-Centers dotted across the world, this is a store and not an infirmary for sick and wounded Pokemon. You can try demanding to see Nurse Joy so she can heal your pocket monsters, but we strictly wouldn't advise it.

If you can't wait to buy 'em all, there are items already available to order on the store. At the moment you can grab a $17.50 Mewtwo tumbler, a $13 adorable Pika-plush, and a $24 pack of keyrings for Eevee and its evolved forms.

In other Poke-news, a new concert tour featuring the series' inimitable music is also due to kick off in August. The first Pokemon: Symphonic Evolutions gig is scheduled for August 15 at the Warner Theater in Washington, DC, with a second one booked at the Mann Center in Philadelphia, PA on September 19. For more details, head here.

Finally, fans of the anime show can now grab episodes from the XY and Origins series via iTunes. That's nice and everything, but if you want to be the best like no-one ever was, we recommend checking out the original series on Netflix.
[Image: The Pokemon Company]
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