Crowdfunded documentary chronicles the rise and rise of apps

Apple's New 3GS iPhone Goes On Sales At Stores

In the spirit of Indie Game: The Movie, comes App: The Human Story -- a documentary that looks at the people behind the digital goods we consume. The film chronicles the rise of developers following the iPhone's release back in 2007 and runs all the way through Apple's World Wide Developer Conference from this year. Who's on camera? Tumblr founder and Instapaper creator Marco Arment and Macworld editorial director Jason Snell to name a few. The filmmakers know that the list skews Cupertino-heavy at the moment and have told TechCrunch that their wish is to get Google's senior VP of Android and Chrome apps Sundar Pichai, and Android's user-experience chief Matias Duarte in the film as well. The team is hitting Kickstarter to help finance the rest of production costs, and for a cool $50, you can get an unedited version of any one interview if you're so inclined.

Should you be super obsessive, though, $300 will get you the raw conversations of every person the filmmakers spoke with. And that kind of insight could well be priceless.

[Image credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]