Browse 'The New Yorker' archives free of charge for the rest of the summer

Let's face it: We miss out on a ton of great content due to paywalls. After a recent redesign to improve reading via its website across a range of devices, The New Yorker has opened up its archive for the rest of summer free of charge. The repository houses issues dating back to 2007 that will be displayed with the magazine's responsive layout, tidied-up look and larger images. Once the trial is up, the publisher's paywall will be similar to that of The New York Times -- unpaid web visitors can read a set number of articles, with paid subscribers gaining full access. Before now, the magazine allowed unlimited perusal of free stories while those marked as paid content remained locked away. No word on exactly when the free admission period is up, so you'll want to take advantage before the leaves start changing.

[Photo credit: Chris Hondros/Getty Images]