PureGear unleashes a torrent of accessories; we're giving them away

PureGear Accessories

Every once in a while TUAW will receive a boxful of accessories from a manufacturer. That presents a dilemma for a writer -- do you break the box out into a bunch of single posts, or write one über-post that covers all of the items? The latter path is what I decided to follow for a bunch of goodies we received from PureGear ranging from some fun iPhone 5/5s cases to earbuds with a built-in mic. So follow along as I take a look at the individual items, then enter our giveaway for all of the accessories.

PureGear Retro Game Cases for iPhone 5/5s

When I was just a kid back in the previous century, they used to put some really cool little prizes in boxes of Cracker Jack. Some of my favorites were little plastic and cardboard maze games that you'd tilt to guide a tiny metal ball between two points. Well, the Retro Game Cases from PureGear recreate those games pretty well. The first is aptly called Amazing (US$29.99), a cyan- and magenta-colored case that has a surprisingly tough maze puzzle on the back of it.

Not sure which case to put on your iPhone 5 or 5s in the morning? Then maybe the Undecided ($29.99) case in bright magenta and orange will help you decide. It's almost like a pachinko game, except when you shoot the ball to the top of the game (yes, there's a little spring-loaded shooter), it just bounces against the hundreds of tiny pins and ends up in either the "Yes" or "No" area. It's going to help you make decisions -- especially important on those occasions where you may not have a coin to toss.

I liked the cases -- they're playful, colorful, and they'll protect your iPhone. On the other hand, I'm not sure they're really worth paying $30 for. There's a third model we didn't test -- Groovy (also $29.99) -- in which your goal is to place three balls in the center of the maze at the same time. Good luck with that!

Rating: 3 stars out of 4 stars possible

TUAW rating, three star rating out of four stars possible

PureGear PureMove Sports Armband with Dry+Flex

If you walk, run, ride a bike, or even work out on equipment in your local gym or at home, you probably know what a pain it is to find a place to put your iPhone when you're moving about. You can stick it into a pocket, maybe place it on the console of the treadmill... A much better idea is a sports armband, and the PureMove Sports Armband with Dry+Flex (for iPhone 5/5s, $39.99) is one of the nicer-looking ones I've seen.

The armband comes in two sizes -- S-M, which comes in a bright pink color, and M-L/G, which is a fluorescent green. Both have a gray band, it's just the highlights of the carrying case that have dots of the color.

I found the PureMove to be very easy to adjust to a comfortable tightness, and the band itself is elastic so that it gives just a bit as your muscles flex. The band is make with Dry+Flex antibacterial technology to make sure that it stays odor free, and the material is also designed to wick moisture away from your arm. If the band gets dirty, you can remove it easily for cleaning in a washing machine.

Two more features -- there's a "cord keeper" on one side for wrapping up excess earbud cables so they're not flopping around as you exercise, and a reflective logo to keep you safe when running or riding at night.

The only negative I can see with the PureGear PureMove is the price. There are many other sports bands available, ranging in price from $7.50 on the low end to $29.99 for one from iLuv. I'm not sure that the Dry+Flex capability is worth an extra $10; you'll need to make that decision.

Rating: 3 stars out of 4 stars possible

TUAW rating, three star rating out of four stars possible

PureGear DualTek XT iPhone Case

Next I'm going to take a look at an "Extreme Terrain" iPhone 5/5s case, the PureGear DualTek XT ($49.99). Right away, I noticed that the case has an IP65 rating for dust and water resistance, which means that you can get it into some pretty gritty or wet conditions without worry. It's not waterproof; you'll need to look elsewhere for something that you can take into the ocean or pool with you.

The case is two-tone, utilizing a black front and back with either blue or gray highlights on the side. The highlighted section contains covered buttons and doors to keep water out, and has a ridged, grippable surface. Your screen is protected with a TouchID-compatible cover, and there's even a wrist strap that you can add to make sure you don't drop the case.

Of all of the PureGear accessories I looked at today, I think the DualTek XT is my favorite. It adds a lot of protection to your iPhone 5 or 5s without a lot of bulk, and the blue version we got was actually quite attractive.

Rating: 4 stars out of 4 stars possible

TUAW rating, four star rating out of four stars possible

PureGear PureTEK Roll-On Kit

Next, we're moving on to a protective screen shield for your iPhone 5, 5c, or 5s called the PureGear PureTEK Roll-On Kit ($24.99). I've had an issue with screen shields since the days of the Newton MessagePad, since it always seems like when I'm installing them I get them fingerprints on the sticky side or bubbles appear.

Well, PureGear has come up with an ingenious way for you to precisely install the screen shields without your fingers every having an opportunity to add fingerprints. There's no way for bubbles to appear under the shield thanks to this same design, which uses a tray to hold your device and a roller to apply the shield.

I was seriously impressed with the PureTEK Roll-On Kit, which comes in either anti-fingerprint or anti-glare versions. If you use your iPhone 5 in situations where glare can cause viewing issues, then the anti-glare version is probably for you, otherwise the anti-fingerprint version is perfect.

Rating: 4 stars out of 4 stars possible

TUAW rating, four star rating out of four stars possible

PureGear PureBoom Premium Sound Buds Headset

PureGear appears to have a full line of accessories, considering that they have everything from cases and armbands to headsets. The PureBoom Premium Sound Buds Headset ($29.99) can be used with your iPhone for listening to music or even making phone calls.

The Sound Buds use in-ear earbuds, with multiple cushions available to make the perfect fit. On the cable is a microphone and switch, with the switch providing the common answer/end/play/pause functions. The three-foot cable is of a triangle design, providing a way to keep from tangling the cable -- they also provide a nice storage case to carry the headset in as well.

Sound-wise, I found the PureBook Sound Buds to be quite middle-of-the-road, although when I called someone for a test of the microphone, they thought the audio was clearer than usual.

If you're happy with Apple's EarPods, then you'd probably replace a defective or worn-out pair with another set as the price is almost identical. However, if you're thinking about replacing a pair of Apple's $79.00 In-Ear Headphones, definitely take a look at the PureGear PureBoom Sound Buds.

Rating: 3 stars out of 4 stars possible

TUAW rating, three star rating out of four stars possible


How would you like to win all of these great accessories? Three iPhone 5/5s cases to play with, an armband for workouts, a pair of earbuds for listening, even a scratch-resistant and fingerprint-proof screen shield. Well, we'd love for you to be the winner, but you have to enter first. Here are the rules for the giveaway:

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