Popcart turns your online recipes into deliverable groceries

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Popcart turns your online recipes into deliverable groceries

It's safe to say food is one of the greatest things life has to offer. However, sometimes not everyone has the right ingredients on hand to prepare every dish of interest, particularly those that, for whatever reason (read: they looked good), randomly stood out while surfing the web. Here's where Popcart hopes to come in. The newly developed tool, which is the result of a partnership between online grocer FreshDirect and recipe-indexing site Foodily, can pretty much transform any recipe on the internet into goods that can be delivered right to your door. It's simple really -- all you have to do is install the service's bookmarklet on your desktop browser and the rest is a piece of cake (not literally). Once you've done this, just highlight the ingredients from your recipe of choice, then click "Popcart it" on the bookmarks bar and, voilà, everything gets added to your FreshDirect cart. The only minor letdown is that Popcart's only available in places where FreshDirect operates, which includes areas around New York City, New Jersey and Philadelphia, to mention a few.

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