Uber introduces Uber for Business: Have your company pay for your ride

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John-Michael Bond
August 6th, 2014
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Uber introduces Uber for Business: Have your company pay for your ride

Uber has updated its iOS app to support its Uber for Business service. With Uber for Business, employees who are traveling for work can request a ride from Uber and have the costs of the trip quickly billed to their company. For business people who travel to large cities regularly, this will save a lot of time on filing expense reports for taxis and travel.

The service also allows riders to attach expense codes and memos to their trip information, giving businesses a way to keep easy records of travel. All a business has to do is start a Uber for Business account, input a credit card, and add employees via their name and email address. Pre-existing Uber users can use Uber for Business from their current account. Once the accounts are linked, your company option will show up as a payment option when you ride.

If you use the Concur service, you can also link your accounts to have your e-receipts sent directly to your Concur expense reports.

The Uber for Business update is available right now in the iTunes Store.

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