Fotopedia is closing, but Evernote wants to rescue your photos

Last week Fotopedia announced it would be closing its doors on August 10, leaving fans of the site wondering where they could take their photos. Well, you're in luck Fotopedia users: Evernote is here to help. The note-saving turned data-saving service has launched a special website explaining how Fotopedia users can connect their accounts to Evernote to transfer their pictures.

In a statement to The Next Web, Evernote developer Matt Carroll explained why the fix is just happening two days before Fotopedia shuts down:

This is a Fotopedia importer into Evernote. I started working on this after the announcement and just finished testing and deploying this morning. Traffic is still early and I'm trying to get the word out now to help the more casual users of Fotopedia that may not want to go to the trouble of downloading and keeping track of the zipped HTML files Fotopedia is providing now.

You can find the Evernote-Fotopedia importer right here for free.