Your music festival, upgraded

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Your music festival, upgraded

24 tallboys and 12 packs of ramen might seem like smart packing before a festival, but once you're lost in a field, sunburnt and in the dark, those noodles become nothing more than primitive bartering currency. The primary pillars of any gadget-lover's field-based rocking are light and power. We've got some solutions for that, and a few other festy-tech goodies.

You won't need all of this to see you through a weekend -- even we're not this paranoid about running out of juice. But, if you want to make sure your festival is fully upgraded, technology can help. What follows is a selection of gadgets and apps we'd be reaching for if we were heading out into the wild (or at least, TomorrowWorld).

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  • Festivals, upgraded.
  • 1. The multi-use digital companion
  • 2. For when you can't find your tent
  • 3. Never lose your friends (unless you want to)
  • Beer - various
  • 4. Stop battery-anxiety with these festival power-ups
  • 5. Worship the sun
  • 6. ...but do it safely
  • 7. Hey, you, what's that sound...
  • 8. For the after party...
  • Energy drink - various
  • 9. The long ride home
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