Feedback Loop: Favorite keyboards, dash cam options and podcasts

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Feedback Loop: Favorite keyboards, dash cam options and podcasts

Happy Saturday! Here's a fresh edition of Feedback Loop, so grab your coffee and dive in! This week we're talking about our favorite keyboards, which dash cams are the best, the podcasts we're currently listening to and USB cables.

Let's talk keyboards

Keyboards have been a standard feature on computers for decades, and over that time we've seen some pretty wild ones. Remember the Art. Lebedev Studio Optimus Maximus? I was curious what our users were using at home, or work, and if they have made the jump to mechanical keyboards. Head on over and let us know!

What is the best dash cam to buy?

ekorek is looking for the best dash cam option that's currently available. Garmin has the Dash Cam, which we checked out during CES, but perhaps there is a better solution. If you're using a dash cam, or getting creative with an old cellphone, why don't you let ekorek know what's working best for you.

What are your favorite podcasts?

Dave is a fan of podcasts for when he's running or at the gym. He shares some of his current favorites, which range from tech to sports and even history. If you're an avid podcast fan, head over here to share what you're currently digging. And maybe you'll even find some new ones to check out!

Where is USB Type-C?

The Type-C connector for USB 3.1 devices was announced not too long ago and was recently finalized. Cod3rror is really excited for Type-C and USB 3.1, and thinks it could finally mean the end of micro- and mini-USB cables for our gadgets. Even better, they're finally going to be reversible! Head on over and share your opinions on the upcoming connector.

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