Circle the Dot: A simple puzzle game that will make you scream

I hate Circle the Dot, but just spent three hours playing it. This simple puzzle game gives you a grid full of orange dots and one lonesome blue dot. Your goal is to circle the blue dot with orange dots in as few moves as possible. Only the blue dot is an evil, slippery monster. It doesn't want to be trapped. The blue dot moves, and it will almost always escape.

Circle the Dot doesn't force a time limit upon you, so if you use enough strategy you'll be making your way up the included leaderboards in no time. Or you won't, because strategy will only take you so far when trapping the insidious blue dot. There are no secondary goals, no side quests. Every time you restart the map randomizes, leaving you to imagine strategies without ever encountering a way to utilize them.

The game features occasional pop up ads. They're easy to ignore and give you a break from hating that stupid blue dot.

I hate Circle the Dot, but I cannot stop playing it. Neither will you. You can find it for free in the iTunes Store.