Laser-equipped robot printer will hunt you down and print your expenses

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Let's be real here for a sec: printers are almost always a snoozefest. But when it's a Roomba-like robotic printer at your beck and call -- spitting print-outs while following you around -- then things get a lot more exciting. Fuji Xerox recently tested its latest experimental model which has wheels so it can come to you, and lasers, so it can avoid obstacles along the way. During its test run in a Tokyo building, people had to access a special URL and by dragging a file into the browser window, could summon the roving printer. In order to protect everyone's privacy (as the machine could be accessed by anyone in the building's lounge), users had to authenticate their order by scanning their personal "Print Delivery Service" cards -- the printer won't actually be spewing out documents while rolling to their destination. Unfortunately, you can't get one of these machines to spice up your offices just yet, so you'll have to endure using those boring static printers (if you still even use one anymore) for now.

[Image credit: Getty Images, Nikkei (Fuji Xerox machine)]