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Instagram's new Hyperlapse video app is a time lapse powerhouse

John-Michael Bond
John-Michael Bond|@BondJohnBond|August 26, 2014 8:00 PM

The video capabilities of the iPhone took a massive leap forward today with the release of Hyperlapse, a powerful new time lapse photography app from Instagram. Hyperlapse uses Instagram's stabilization technology to shoot cinematic time lapse videos.

Instagram's stabilization technology smooths out your videos, removing any odd bumps or shakes, to create professional-looking time lapse videos from the palm of your hand. Normally getting shots like this would require a Steadicam or expensive tracking equipment for your camera.

Videos shot with Hyperlapse can be sped up to 12 times their original speed, then shared to Instagram, Facebook, or your camera roll. Best of all, the app doesn't require you to make an account or log in before you can get started. You just download, point, shoot, and watch.

You can download Hyperlapse for free right now in the iTunes store, and watch a preview of what Hyperlapse videos look like below. If you're interested in the development of the app, Wired has put together a wonderful piece interviewing the team behind it, which you can read right here.

TUAW will feature a full hands-on review of Hyperlapse in the next few days.

Instagram's new Hyperlapse video app is a time lapse powerhouse