Innerexile's iPhone 6 case can heal from light scratches

We've seen LG flaunting the self-healing coating on its rather peculiar G Flex, but wouldn't it be nice to have this on other phones? Well, Innerexile's Hydra plastic case for the iPhone 6 offers a similar feature. We say "similar," because the hard yet resilient Hydra is apparently able to recover from a heavier bronze brush scratch test -- 1kg instead of the G Flex's 750g -- as well as strong bending in the lab. I received a couple of samples to play with and while I don't have the same testing equipment, I can still attest to the cases' impressive build quality, glossy finish and flexural strength -- as shown in my hands-on video after the break. But as with the G Flex, the Hydra's patented self-healing coating is meant for light scratches only.

In my test, I used a steel wool to gently scratch one of the Hydra cases and let it rest for a while to see how well it recovers. Alas, my room was likely cooler than the lab-tested temperature (25 degrees Celsius or 77 degrees Fahrenheit), so I eventually took the liberty to speed things up by placing my warm hand on the affected area for about half a minute, and voila! The light scratches disappeared (and the same trick can be applied to the G Flex). Nothing can be done about the deeper scratches, but at least you're less likely to get the annoying light scratches that would cloud up the transparent case.

The Hydra will be available from September 19th at select lifestyle stores (Turk and Taylor, Aggregate Supply, Stich and AC Gears) in three transparent colors (clear, black or pink) for $25, which isn't too bad given its build quality and relatively unique properties. The iPhone 6 Plus version will follow in early October and it'll likely cost a tad more.