MLS aims to be first soccer league to tackle video replay

Portland Timbers v Seattle Sounders

While goal-line technology debuted for both World Cup and English Premier League action this year, Major League Soccer is looking to take video assistance one step further. MLS commissioner Don Garber told Sports Illustrated that the league wants to be the first to test a replay system that would allow officials to review calls on the pitch after a coach's challenge. FIFA's president Sepp Blatter, the head of soccer's international governing body, has already called for testing next year in league action and during the Under-20 World Cup in New Zealand. It's worth noting that MLS has yet to employ the goal-line systems due to cost, but the instant replay kit could be less expensive to adopt. However, due to its status as an up-and-comer when compared to other professional soccer leagues, MLS could be a prime candidate for the trials. In the US, NFL and MLB already use a similar video system allowing coaches' challenges to help correct errors in officiating -- but only for a few calls. Of course, it comes at the expense of slowing down the action for replays that can sometimes take several minutes to sort.

[Photo credit: Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images]