Punfound is the puniest game around

Players solve silly puns like the smart phone pun in Punfound

Punfound is an intriguing word game all about puns. Players tap letters from a selection at the bottom of the screen to fill in the missing word to complete the pun. There are 150 puns to solve that range in difficulty from easy common puns to hard with less known puns. Punfound is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 4.3 or later.

Punfound has you trying to solve as many puns as you can to gain ranks, such as Pun Wannabe. This is a really entertaining part of the game as you feel compelled to keep solving the puns to see your next rank. It gives way to great opportunities for competing with friends as well as cooperative play. Oftentimes, players find themselves going up to their friends and showing them the pun they solved, which makes others want to solve puns with them. Punfound offers the option to reach out to friends on Facebook or Twitter for help solving a particular pun, a really nice use of social media.

Competitive play would also be a lot of fun with this type of game but unfortunately there is no Game Center support. It is weird that there is no form of competitive play as it fits so nicely into the ranking system and it would be really fun to see if you can beat your friend's rank as Pun Squire for example. Even a multiplayer mode either, local or online, would be a really fascinating feature. Oftentimes players find themselves taking turns with friends on which puns to solve.

Players pick letters from the selection area at the bottom of the screen to fill in the missing word in Punfound

Punfound also doesn't feature a time element, so you don't feel pressured to solve a pun in a certain amount of time. This doesn't cause any problems for the gameplay being interesting and engaging. Solving the puns themselves is the real challenge. Solving the puns is very rewarding as there is a sense of accomplishment each time a player completes the missing word correctly. This is especially apparent when some of the puns are super easy to solve and others will have you racking your brains over the solution. The harder the puns are, the more rewarding solving them is.

The pacing in Punfound feels pretty sound as you usually encounter one pun that is really hard, followed by a few easier ones. The game builds up to harder and harder puns, while giving some breathing room in between to give your brain a little rest.

If the pun you are trying to solve is too hard, there are some hints you can get by exchanging hint points. Hints cost a different amount of hint points depending on which hint you choose. Removing a letter from the selection area costs two points and is a helpful if you are just trying to narrow down choices. Revealing a letter costs three points and it is a lot more helpful if you are really having trouble solving the pun. The last hint is to solve the pun, but it costs 15 hint points.

You start out with 15 hint points, but when those run out the main ways of getting hint points is by buying them through in app purchases or by watching a quick ad for one hint point. However, there is no counter that tells you how many hint points you can get by watching the ads and at some point the option becomes unavailable. Some games allow you to come back the next day and be able to watch ads again for points. In Punfound, it was still not an option after a full day. This is a problem for people who don't want to spend money on hint points, but are having trouble solving the puns. It can causes players to feel stuck.

Players fill in the missing word for puns like the Koala-fications pun in Punfound

The puns are interesting and each one has a cute picture which can help some players solve it when having trouble. There is however, one level that trips a lot of players up and just needs the selection letters to be fine tuned. The level with the sleepy bicycle has all the letters for two different answers where both answers make sense. It is just a matter of spelling the second word differently. If the letter "i" was removed from this level, players would be able to solve the pun much easier.

Punfound is a great word game full of fantastic puns that challenge players and creates opportunities for teamwork and competition. Punfound is free on the App Store and with so many puns it is definitely worth the download.