Fujifilm packs a ton of power in the X30 point-and-shoot

Zach Honig
Z. Honig|09.17.14

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Zach Honig
September 17th, 2014
Fujifilm packs a ton of power in the X30 point-and-shoot

The highlight for Fujifilm at this year's Photokina is undoubtedly the X100T and its brilliant hybrid viewfinder, but the X30 point-and-shoot is also not to be missed. Internally, the $599 compact is nearly identical to its predecessor, the X20, with the same 12-megapixel, 2/3-inch CMOS sensor and f/2.0-2.8, 28-112mm lens, but it features a few improvements that might make an upgrade worthwhile for at least a few select Fuji fans. The most significant boost is a new 2.36M-dot electronic viewfinder, which provides a full 100-percent view, along with a new tilting 3-inch high-res LCD.

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The X30 also includes dual control rings around the lens, letting you zoom with one and adjust settings, such as aperture or shutter speed, with the other. A new processor enables faster SD card write times while an improved battery gets you 470 shots on a full charge, compared to just 270 frames with the X20. You also get integrated WiFi, with full control of the camera via a smartphone app, including touch focusing, shutter speed, aperture, self timer, flash and white balance adjustments. The camera performed very well during our test, with speedy focus and a fast EVF response time. And it looks fantastic to boot. The Fujifilm X30 ships next month for $599.

Edgar Alvarez contributed to this report.

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