You can now buy Marty McFly's light-up high-tops for under $100

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Daniel Cooper
September 18, 2014 8:07 PM
You can now buy Marty McFly's light-up high-tops for under $100

For some people, the holographic movie posters and hoverboards from Back to the Future II's Hill Valley are nothing compared to Marty Mc Fly Jr.'s self-lacing Nike Air MAGs. Of course, when the sportswear company released a limited-edition set for Michael J. Fox's charity, they came without the self-lacing aspect and a prohibitive price tag. Nike may be promising the real deal next year, but in the meantime, Universal Studios has signed a deal with to keep us all tied over. The fancy dress website has produced a set of knock-off lookalike Air MAGs with light-up soles that'll go great with your pink Zboard and DeLorean DMC-12. Fitting with a wrap-around velco strap, the internal battery is charged with a USB cable that's included within the BTTF II-branded box, and the whole package, priced at $99, is slated to arrive at the end of September.

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