Littlebits' Halloween kits make old-school decorations more techy

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Sean Buckley
October 3, 2014 5:56 AM
Littlebits' Halloween kits make old-school decorations more techy

So you want to make your Halloween just a little more geeky, but you're not quite ready to port Tetris to a pumpkin -- maybe LittleBits is more your speed? The modular prototyping platform has created a series of themed kits that should make augmenting holiday easy. There are three in all: a sound-activated jack-o-lantern light, a "creepy portrait" that moves when someone walks by and Halloween "stick figure costume." All of them are cute, but they're also a little less than what they seem.

The stick figure "costume," for instance, is a pack with battery, power, pulse and light-were modules that can be used to sew a glowing stick-figure into clothing, but doesn't actually come with anything to wear. Likewise, the "hack-o-lantern" and portrait packs seem to only have the modules needed to build the projects, but not the requires pumpkin or wall-art to complete the effect. Naturally, there's some assembly required, but the projects do look pretty fun. Want to get started? LittleBits' Halloween packs can be had for between $29 and $65, depending on the kit.

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