From beginning to breakup: a history of HP's highs and lows

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From beginning to breakup: a history of HP's highs and lows

HP's recent decision to split into two companies is undoubtedly a big deal. It's a cornerstone of Silicon Valley, and it has been synonymous with PCs for much of its lifetime. However, this is really just the latest chapter for a technology legend that has witnessed plenty of triumphs and disasters throughout its 75-year history. We've rounded up some of its greatest and lowest moments in a gallery, ranging from its humble beginnings in a garage to the webOS era and a series of scandals -- check them out if you want to know how HP reached yet another turning point.

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Gallery: HP's highs and lows | 10 Photos

  • HP's founding and early successes
  • The rise of the calculator
  • A pioneer in printers
  • Personal computers and the man that got away
  • Mark Hurd's wild ride: success, more scandal and the Palm deal
  • Apotheker's hasty decisions and the death of webOS
  • Meg Whitman's HP: renewed mobile efforts and the big split
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