Describe Five: A party that's fun while it lasts

Teams take turns describing words on a card to teammates for them to try and guess the words in Describe Five

Players describe words on a card to other players in a party game that feels like charades but you can use words and you can make up your own rules called Describe Five (free with in app purchases).The game has two modes: casual and competitive. In casual mode, players can make up their own rules as to what is allowed with no time limit. The competitive mode pits two teams against each other in a timed battle to be the first team to get to three points. Describe Five runs on iOS devices with iOS 7.0 or later installed.

In either mode, players take turns trying to describe all five words on their card, shown on the screen, so the other players can guess the words. When someone gets it right, the first player taps the word to highlight it as completed. In competitive mode, players have three rounds to try and get two full cards out of three correct. If the two teams tie, then the game goes into sudden death which means the team to get a full card of words correct wins.

Players can choose between being on the blue team or the green team in the party game Describe Five

The downside to this great party game is that there is a limited number of cards and words that players can use without spending money to purchase more. This is annoying because the cards with interesting word choices make this game so much fun. After players complete all of the cards that are free, the game begins to get stale.

The words on each card are usually an interesting combination, such as Darth Vader and Gillette, which keeps the game going in a fun manner that invites comedy. One weird requirement of Describe Five is that after players complete the words and highlight them, they have to tap on the round icon at the top of the screen twice or else it won't stop counting down.

The UI in Describe Five is clean and easy to navigate, which compliments the bright blue and green colors that show up nicely against the black background. Tapping on each word to highlight it as correct gives off a glowing, almost electric feel, and stands out stunningly in contrast to the grey buttons.

Describe Five is free on the App Store and recommended for people looking for a quick fun game to break the ice at a party.