Smart bracelet doubles as a handset for your phone

.klatz smart bracelet serving as a handset

More than a few smartwatches will let you make calls, but that doesn't mean they're elegant substitutes for your smartphone -- you're going to look at least a little dorky bringing your wrist up to your face. The team behind the .klatz smart bracelet thinks it has a more elegant approach. Their wearable flips open, turning into a makeshift handset for your phone; you can take a call with your wristwear while hopefully maintaining some shred of dignity. The device's crude 384-LED display won't come close to what you'll get on a Moto 360 or Pebble, but the developers are promising a giant battery (at least 600mAh) that lasts for 10 days.

Whether or not you're enamored with the two-in-one design, the price may be right. Early birds can pledge $99 to get a .klatz bracelet when it (potentially) ships next spring, and the $139 price for regular backers is still decent for what you're getting. No, it isn't going to make Apple Watch enthusiasts have second thoughts, but it could be just the ticket if you refuse to look like Dick Tracy while holding a conversation.