ColorFit uses photographs to suggest colors

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Andy Affleck
October 25th, 2014
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ColorFit uses photographs to suggest colors
ColorFit Color Selections

ColorFit is a simple app that does one thing: uses a photo you take to suggest color palettes. Using the photograph, ColorFit will suggest a set of colors ("Use this colors" [sic]) using a variety of different color schemes including triad, analogous, complementary, quad, and shades. However, that's all the app does and it doesn't even do it that well.

For starters, you are invited to tap anywhere on the screen to take the picture and the spot you tap becomes the background color. Then a number of color blocks fall down from the top of the screen in one of the palette schemes provided. Once the colors are given to you they just sit there. You cannot tap them to get their RGB, Hex, Pantone, or other values. Nor can you export the results into a color palette file that you can later import into another program to use. The best you can do is to take a screen snapshot and then bring the resulting file into a graphics program and use the eye dropper to find out what the colors it chose are.

ColorFit screenshot

If you compare this to Adobe Color CC for iPhone and iPad, or ColorSchemer for iPhone, you will find the latter are far richer (and free). And in both cases, they let you select multiple elements in a given photograph to use to create the scheme. So, I'm left asking what the point of this app is or why anyone would pay US$1.99 for it?

ColorFit requires iOS 7.1 and up, works with iPhone and iPad and is optimized for iPhone 5, 6 and 6+.
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