Taco Bell's new app makes it easy for you to order on the go

Earlier today, Taco Bell's site and social networks went completely dark, making some curious people wonder what the fast food chain had up its sleeve. This time, however, it wasn't a Doritos-infused taco or a fresh breakfast menu of sorts. Instead, Taco Bell introduced an all-new mobile application, which allows iOS and Android users to place orders and pay directly from their smartphone. But in case this wasn't enough, the app will let you customize various menu items and, by using location services, pick them up whenever you're close to your location of choice. Taco Bell says it won't make the food until customers arrive, this way it will taste just as fresh as they had imagined it -- simply put, the popular chain wants everyone to "skip the in-store line like you own the place." Assuming you can handle the aftermath of a Taco Bell meal, the app is a pretty good idea.