'Arrested Development' season four is getting a re-edit

Premiere Of Netflix's

It wasn't a huge mistake, but the structure that Arrested Development's fourth season used was a bit off-putting for some viewers. Each episode followed the foibles of single members of the Bluth family in a few different timelines, and the early setup for many jokes didn't pay off until much later in the run. To address that, creator Mitch Hurwitz (above left) told Pretentious Film Majors that he's putting together a cut of the Netflix-exclusive episodes that runs in chronological order. A bunch of the laughs came from those punchline-reveals, so how this version shakes out should be pretty interesting to see. Maeby when this hits it'll coincide with the army's next half-day, or, as AV Club guesses, possibly with the upcoming season four box-set. Regardless, don't forget to leave a note with where you'll be watching once it happens.

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