Activision rakes in $753 million in revenue for Q3 [Update]

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Activision rakes in $753 million in revenue for Q3 [Update]
Activision reported $753 million in net revenue for the third quarter (ending September 30), a nine percent increase over the publisher's $691 million in revenue recorded for the same period last year. A record 67 percent of the company's revenue came from digital channels, according to Activision's Q3 2014 financial report. The company also reported a $23 million net loss, a sizable drop from its $56 million in income reported in the same quarter last year.

Looking ahead, Activision raised its full-year projections by 2 percent thanks to the positive Q3 results. It now expects to earn $4.325 billion in net revenue in 2014, $1.492 billion of which is expected in the next quarter. Besides the continued sales of its hit MMO-meets-shooter, Destiny, Activision will report sales in Q4 for another FPS that just arrived this week, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The publisher's popular mobile CCG Hearthstone will land on iPhone and Android phones early next year and Android tablets by the end of this year, having already reached 20 million downloads in September.

Update: Activision also noted that Destiny reached 9.5 million registered players in its report. The publisher clarified to Engadget that "registered users" "refers to unique PlayStation Network / Xbox Live accounts, while multiple characters per account are not factored in."
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