Apple ranked the most valuable brand on the planet by Forbes

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John-Michael Bond
November 5th, 2014
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Apple ranked the most valuable brand on the planet by Forbes

It's been a good week for Apple. On the heels of news that rival Samsung has seen its mobile business nosedive by 74%, the company has been named the number one most valuable brand on the planet by Forbes. Apple was able to grab the top spot on Forbes' list by moving large numbers of product while simultaneously charging a premium price for their wares. From the article:
When it comes to charging a premium price and moving product, no one does it better than Apple. There are other phones and tablets that are functionally comparable or arguably better than the iPhone and iPad, but the Apple brand carries tremendous weight and credibility, and customers are willing to pay up for that. The company sold 39.3 million iPhones in its latest quarter and could sell as many as 60 million during the last three months of 2014 with the holiday selling season. Apple also moved 12.3 million iPads and 5.5 million Macs last quarter.
Apple's value is up 19% over last year and, thanks to excitement over the coming Apple Watch in 2015, expectations are high for next year. In total ,Apple's brand is currently work $124.2 billion.

In the second and third place spots are Microsoft and Google, respectively. Microsoft saw an 11% increase in value this year as its investments in cloud services have paid off, along with lucrative deals with organizations like the NFL. Google meanwhile increased its value thanks to its powerful advertising business.

You can read Forbes' complete report here.
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