60 seconds with the tracker that proves how close you got to the edge

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Sure an action camera can provide the video record of your extreme (or not so extreme) sports exploits, but what about the data? Any number of fitness and motion trackers exist, but the Push Supernova is a ruggedized device that not only captures the key metrics from your session -- GPS, depth underwater, G-forces, speed, etc. -- but can display them on its color screen in real-time, or feed them into an overlay to accompany video recorded by a GoPro or similar camera. The touch-controlled interface is glove-friendly and protected by Gorilla Glass, it can mount anywhere a GoPro goes, it's waterproof to 30m with sealed expansion and USB ports, plus it can log data for days and the internal battery lasts up to 24 / 8 hours at a time (screen off / screen on). Finally, you don't have to buy a brand new Corvette to get the videogame-style readouts of data to go along with with your highlight reel.

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Need more reasons to believe? Ok, have we mentioned that the Supernova has a modular design? If you want to pop on an even-more-precise GPS unit to match your activities, or LED indicator lights to flash based on whatever criteria you set, or something that hasn't even been designed yet -- it's possible. To control those lights or interface with the data there's an API, and its data exportable to tools like Strava. It's ready to plug into a car via an OBD-II interface, and wiring adapters for motorcycles and other vehicles are planned. If you're interested, the team plans availability by Summer 2015 for $300.

Edgar Alvarez contributed this report.
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