NYC's domain on record pace with over 56,000 accounts so far

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NYC's domain on record pace with over 56,000 accounts so far

The history of New York City's top-level domain is still quite young, having only launched in full last month. But, since then, .nyc has already managed to serve up more than 56,000 registrations, making it one of the fastest growing city domains ever -- above Berlin, London, Melbourne, Paris and Tokyo, to mention a few. A representative of .nyc told us there are over 5,000 accounts being registered every week; that's even higher than what the the likes of .london gets, which isn't limited to residents only, unlike The Big Apple's domain.

"It should be of little surprise that the world's greatest city is also home to the fastest growing, digital launchpad of ideas, information and innovation," Jeff Neuman, Neustar's VP of business affairs, who's been managing the launch of .nyc, said to me. "The momentum will continue as more and more websites and uses for the domain pick up."

"We're at the infancy of .nyc, but once people start using it and realizing its potential, we expect an explosion of new website use and activity," he added.

[Image credit: Justin in SD/Flickr]
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