Checkmark 2.5 adds Today widget, more

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Checkmark 2.5 adds Today widget, more

Snowman Checkmark 2

Not too long ago, I reviewed Checkmark 2 from Snowman, the to-do and reminder app for iPhone that's got a few nice tricks up its sleeve. Do apps have sleeves? In any case, version 2.5 came out this morning (US$9.99, on sale today only for $2.99) and it adds a few more goodies to that tricky repertoire. Here's what's new.

Checkmark 2.5 introduces a new Today widget that lets you review your tasks and reminders in the iOS Notification Center. It's amazing how Apple has made this screen so useful with third-party widgets. Additionally, Checkmark 2.5 offers "Interactive Notifications," which I like a lot. If a notification appears while you're using another app, and it's one you've already completed, you can mark it as done right then and there. And nothing feels quite like checking off completed tasks, am I right? I am.

Finally, this update is completely ready for your iPhone 6 and its gargantuan sibling, and iCloud reliability has been improved.

As I said way back in March, "Checkmark 2 is a pleasure to use."

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