Google Wallet for iOS can now split your tab between friends

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Mariella Moon
December 16th, 2014
Google Wallet for iOS can now split your tab between friends

Apple still hasn't opened up NFC support for Google Wallet, but it doesn't mean Mountain View can't add some other sweet new features to the app's iOS version. This latest update brings in a handful of new functions, including Touch ID support that lets you unlock the app with your fingerprint and the ability to see your loyalty and gift cards offline. Best of all, though, the app now comes with a new "split charge" option -- just add the amount you want to divvy up, choose the users you want to split with and mark their share of the total. They'll then get a reminder to settle up, though they can choose to decline, as well. So, if you're friends with someone who seems to "forget" his wallet at home all the time, ask him to install the app. Just don't be surprised if, next thing you know, he's "lost" his phone, as well.

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