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Cube 3 3D printer brings user-friendly hardware, higher resolutions for under a grand

Brian Heater

Like clockwork, 3D Systems is offering up a refresh to its entry-level Cube line. The third iteration of the Cube line, introduced almost exactly a year after its predecessor, features a new, semi-enclosed body, speedier printing and resolutions of down to 75 microns. The ink cartridges have been redesigned, as well, for an experience that's "easier than changing an ink cartridge." The printer features Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, for printing from the Android/iOS Cubify app and a build volume of up to six square inches. You can also print with two materials (ABS and PLA, naturally) and two colors at the same time.

The Cube 3 is queued up for a Q2 launch, with a price starting at under $1,000.

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