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Sony outs the 'tiniest' gadget it's ever made: Core, a wearable built for life-logging


Sony just unveiled a new modular wearable -- comprised of a Core sensor pack and a SmartBand bracelet -- at its CES press event. Core tracks your movement and activities using a companion LifeLog app that uses that information to suggest personal highlights based on your daily communications and activities. What's more, the tech giant says you can don the NFC-powered Core in additional ways, too: as a pendent or inserted into a footpod in a shoe, for example. Folks digging the standard implementation won't be saddled with merely one or two colors like many other wearable bracelets either, as you can see above, a whole host of colors is on the way. For now, we don't have much more information about Core's capabilities or its internals, Sony Mobile CEO Kunimasa Suzuki said that his team is working with various partners on more hardware (additional clips and band designs) and software features, and we'll learn more about the plans for the Core platform later this year at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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