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Don't wait for SportsCenter, SlingPlayer update brings the highlights in real-time

Emily Price

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Slingbox has pushed out a handful of updates for SlingPlayer on iOS and Android, adding new features on both platforms. On the Android side, Slingbox joined forces with sporting-app Thuuz. Now if you have to skip watching the Giants game for work, SlingPlayer will let you know Tim Lincecum is using his secret mustache powers to pitch a no-hitter. If you can sneak away from your meeting for a "bathroom break," a link within the app will instantly tune you into the hair-raising action. The sports app won't be integrated into the iPhone version of SlingPlayer until this summer, but iOS users can still download it on its own to try out now.

While iOS users will have to wait until football season for Thuuz, they did get a little something new this week. Up until now, if you wanted to sling some Scandal to your Apple TV via Airplay you'd have to sacrifice your phone for the duration of the marathon. If you tried to back out of the app to respond to your bosses emails (he's probably wondering why you're watching Scandal instead of working) your video would stop playing. The update allows you to put the app in the background, so you can start streaming and then go back to your game of Angry Birds (you'll beat those piggies eventually, we promise). Keeping with the exclusive theme, right now the feature is iPhone only. However, the plan is to bring the fun to the iPad this summer -- just in time to use your tablet as a second screen during premiere season.

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