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Updated GEICO Mobile app brings you gas, lets you report glass damage


GEICO has released a new update for its handy iOS app which introduces a few new features and brings back an old one. Making its triumphant return is the "bring gas" feature for roadside assistance. It's embarrassing enough to run out of gas on the side of the road, and it's really nice to be able to request a refill without having to talk to someone (like that pesky gecko) until the gas arrives.

The update also introduces the ability to report glass damage to the company directly from your iPhone without having to call it in. When you select glass damage, the app provides you with a number of options where you can specify exactly which pane of glass needs replacing. From there you can even set up a glass repair request.

These new features come in addition to the app's pre-existing services, like access to a digital copy of your insurance card, bill paying and management services, roadside assistance, and claim submission. The app is free to all GEICO customers and can be downloaded from the iTunes store.

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