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YouTube 'Music Key' leak reveals Google's streaming plans


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We've heard rumors and rumblings about YouTube's music service for awhile now, but it's looking like a chunk of concrete details have just surfaced. For starters, it's apparently being named YouTube Music Key and will offer access not only to full artist catalogs, but concert footage and remixes as well, according to Android Police. The service will supposedly also offer a free 30 day trial and will cost $9.99 per month thereafter to access a promised, platform-specific, 20 million "high-quality" tracks and offline listening. To bring Mountain View's existing music platform into the fold, the search giant is renaming Google Play Music All Access to a slightly less cumbersome Google Play Music Key. What's more, one subscription fee is said to cover both services. With the latter also offering ad-free, audio only listening and offline playback, though, we're wondering how long this possible redundancy could end up lasting. For the full details and a smattering of screen grabs, head to the source.

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