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Skype chat notifications will now only hit the device you're using


Chances are you have a smartphone, tablet and computer combo, so it could get pretty annoying to get pinged simultaneously on those devices when you're exchanging messages with someone. Skype and iMessage both do this, but now the Microsoft-owned service is keen on changing that. Today, Skype announced that it's found a way to reduce all the noise for people who are logged in to their accounts on multiple devices, thanks to a new feature called "Active endpoint." Now when you're messaging back and forth on your phone, those chat notifications will only be sent to that device -- as opposed to before, where it would also send them to, say, your tablet or laptop at the same time. Skype says that, while notification are set to hit that one active device, the chat history is still being synced across multiple devices, making it easy for you to keep your conversations going from anywhere. This new feature is coming to Skype "over the next few weeks," so expect to see the changes soon.

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