Skype's redesigned iPhone app is all about sharing things faster

Skype has been lavishing attention on its Android and Windows Phone messaging apps as of late, but it's now time for the iPhone client to get a makeover -- and it's one of the company's biggest overhauls in recent memory. The new software brings a much fresher-looking interface that's both in step with other platforms (chiefly Windows Phone) and lets you accomplish many common tasks faster. You can now start group chats right from the hub, and you don't have to wait until someone hops online to send a message.

There are a lot of subtler tweaks that should go a long way toward improving the experience, too. The app's overall performance is up to five times faster, and it's much better at syncing message statuses as you move from device to device. So what's the catch? Simply put, the app isn't ready yet; Skype is launching the new iPhone version in about a week. Until it's available, you'll just have to make do with the teaser video below.